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About Us

FindMombasaHotels.com was launched by 2 Kenyan travel enthusiasts in March of 2009 initially to provide an insider’s guide to Mombasa Hotels, and Beach Resorts for anyone looking to travel to Kenya on business or pleasure.

Having enjoyed many vacations and holidays ourselves in this charming town on the East African Coast, we came to appreciate the best of what Mombasa has to offer… from the best hotels, to restaurants, to special things to do that make a holiday an unforgettable experience – and we thought… why not share our love for this great city with others.

But we soon started getting requests from visitors all over the world for hotel rates.

Well one thing led to another and by January 2010 we were in the business of helping everyone find the best rates for Mombasa hotels and beach resorts, from local Kenyan residents to international visitors.

We hope you find what you’re looking for and more importantly, we hope you have a great time on your trip.

Thanks for visiting FindMombasaHotels.com and bookmark this site and come back often. We’ll continue to find ways to make your next holiday to Mombasa, Kenya affordable and memorable.

Warmest wishes,

Gurmukh Singh


P.S.  If you’ve got a question that you want answered, use the contact us form and send us your question. We’ll do our best to answer your question within a day or so, and if we don’t have the answer, then we’ll find someone who does 🙂