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Dhow Dinner Cruise

Dinner CruiseWhether it’s your anniversary, your honeymoon, Valentine’s Day, or just a special night out on your holiday, not many things can top a magical dhow dinner cruise in Mombasa. It’s perfect as a part of a romantic weekend getaway, or simply a way to squeeze what feels like a luxury vacation into one memorable night.

A dhow dinner cruise provides a sense of escape for couples in love, with fine dining, live performances, and lovely vistas of sunsets over water.

The Tamarind Dhow dinner cruise lasts 4 ½ hours of relaxation, beauty, and amazing food. At the start you will be welcomed aboard with a Dawa, a tasty vodka, lime, and honey drink and the band will strike up as your cruise begins. A dhow cruise is a perfect venue to experience the hospitality of Mombasa. The best part of the cruise is its four-course dinner of lobster or steak. When the whether is warm, a romantic dinner date can include strolling on the upper deck, enjoying the great views of the skyline. Be it for a Valentine’s Day or any other romantic occasion, a dhow dinner cruise is a special way to celebrate your relationship.

You can also opt for a shorter, two hour day cruise. This can easily be as romantic as the dinner cruise without consuming an entire evening. The lunch cruise takes you to a remote cove where you will dine on Tamarind seafood and traditional Kenyan dishes and finish with fruit salad, halwa, and Kenyan coffee.
Taking the day cruise also offers you the chance to see Mombasa in a different way than those who stay on land. People usually hire cars through a trusted Mombasa tour operator or use Tuk-Tuks to see the city because it can be tough to explore the whole city on foot. But why get stuck in traffic when you can catch a different view at a steady pace by taking a dhow cruise?

At Find Mombasa Hotels we will help you plan your holiday to include all the activities you are interested. Dhow cruises are very beautiful experiences soaking in the views of the island and the coast. Most dhow/boats have an upper and lower level. The lower level is enclosed so you don’t get the feeling of being out on the water. You can walk up to the open deck to enjoy the breeze as the boat glides through the water.

The city looks amazing during the day as well as at night when it’s all lit up. The boat ride is unforgettable and the food is outstanding. The dhows are available to hire as well for parties, weddings, and a number of other wonderful occasions.