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About Haller Park

Haller Park MombasaUntil 1999, Haller Park was known as Bamburi Nature Trail. It lies along the Mombasa Malindi road next to the Bamburi Cement Factory. It is a restored quarry home to a variety of plant and animal species. It is open to the public and attracts both local and international visitors.

It draws people in so readily because a visit to the park offers the unique opportunity of gaining close up contact with a variety of animal species through educational guided tours tailored to their needs. The professional tour guides conduct these tours in English, French, German, Italian, or Swahili.

At the Coastal Sanctuary, one can find a Crocodile Farm, Reptile Park with a rich variety of snake species, a beautiful serene Palm Garden and Game Sanctuary. Watch Sally, Potty, and Cleo, all hippos, feed at the Game Sanctuary at 4:00pm each day.

Everything about Kenya is diverse – from the people and the animals to the climate. Visiting Haller Park during your stay in Mombasa is one of the best ways to experience the diversity among the plant and wildlife. Currently, Haller Park plays host to a variety of wildlife including hippos, giraffes, buffalos, and antelopes as well as smaller mammals and birds.

The diversity of vegetation is considerable, from mangrove palms and majestic indigenous shade trees to coastal forests where several of these plants are rare and endangered; this region is a haven for botanists. Yet each plant plays an important role in the overall harmony of the ecosystem.

Haller Park has the distinct honor of being the first recipient of the United Nations Environmental Program Global 500 Roll of Honour award for the unique, ecologically sound and successful rehabilitation undertaken. The park is a product of the cement company’s efforts, since 1971, to convert barren landscape of disused limestone quarries into vibrant and diverse ecosystem of forest, grasslands and ponds. The park now provides a home to various animal species from Vervet monkeys to giraffe; weaver birds, kingfisher, storks, herons, egrets, owls, eagles, kites, cranes, ibis, sandpipers, and the list is endless.

When the project started, a major push was made to make the entire quarry for environmentally sound. The effort worked and the area is now full of lush beauty. The onetime quarry is now a thriving game sanctuary, fully stocked with game including giraffe, eland, hippo, oryx and more.

Haller Park is a must visit when in Mombasa. Whether you go for the plant life or to see the huge variety of animals, you will be blown away. Call us today to arrange your Mombasa trip. We’ll get you set up with your flight, your hotel, and a complete itinerary so when you’re on your holiday you have nothing to worry about.