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Visiting Western Kenya

KenyaWestern Kenya is full of cultural adventures and experiences for travellers looking to get in with the locals and wildlife. Here is a brief overview of what awaits to the West.

The Luhya community is well known for a traditional dance called Isikuti. It is named after the main instrument played during the dance. The men and women dance in pairs as the Isikuti is played along with bells and whistles. Be part of the fun while on your tour of western province in Kenya.

Bull fighting is a very important sporting event in the Luhya community. These bullfights are not the same as you will see in Spain where a Matador is pitted against a bull. These fights are between two animals while spectators watch and blow traditional horns in excitement.

Bullfights are held all year long. The bulls that fight represent individual villages and the winner brings prestige to the villagers, this is part of the reason these fights are so important to the community. Thronged by excited spectators, the bulls lock horns and fight until one bull turns and runs. The winning bull is led around the field in a victory lap. This impressive spectacle represents a significant cultural link between traditional African cattle culture and the art of bullfighting as practiced throughout Southern Europe.

The Kakamega Forest is a must see for nature lovers. It is made up of central African lowland species but because of its elevation it also has highland species in certain areas. This makes the forest unique in the region. You will see a great variety of birds throughout the forest; it’s an amazing place to visit.

There are a lot of agricultural activities that go on in the West. Maize farming is a big part of many households – it is there main source of food and income. You will also see sugar plantations and coffee and tea farms as you travel. If you get close the border with Uganda you can see tobacco plantations, which are a large source of income for the surrounding communities.

Taking a few days from your Mombasa vacation to experience more of the West will yield an experience you won’t soon forget. Kenya is a country full of beauty and unique adventure. Book your flight today or call us today to talk about rates and travel times.