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5 Star Hotels In Mombasa

The problem with 5 Star hotels in Mombasa is that you never want to leave. It’s the kind of place that has everything you wanted it to, and a lot more you didn’t expect. These fantastic  hotels have every amenity imaginable and every guest is treated like visiting royalty. The average visitor wishes they could spend the rest of their lives among the lush swaying palms, looking out over the endless white sand beaches that slide into the sea like acres of soft sugar.

Mombasa is known around the world for being the home of Kenya’s premier beach properties. There’s really nothing in the world like it when it comes to the unique attractions and activities. It’s also one of the best spots on the planet to just relax and enjoy your vacation, lying on the warm beach, listening to the gentle lapping of the Indian Ocean waves against the shore.

Even if you could stay forever, you’d never run out of things to do. Without leaving the hotel, most offer tennis, lawn bowling billiards, gyms and other excellent facilities. Plus, the resorts have the finest professional staffs who offer quality service in a flash. Any time you’re looking for sports or entertainment opportunities, there’s someone there to steer you in the right direction.

Once you walk out the door, you’re right in the middle of the most complete center for water sports on the African continent. Scuba diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, windsurfing, volleyball and jet skiing are all just a few steps down the beach. There’s also no better way to spend the day than on a glass bottom boat trip or visiting the nearby nature trails, crocodile farm or marine park.

You’ll never have to go hungry in Mombasa. The hotels serve up a tasty array of foods ranging from western dishes to exotic international cuisine. You can find the best seafood, hams, and cheeses. You can taste fruit and vegetables, picked fresh from the local farms and flown in from Europe. Of course, genuine traditional Swahili dinners are served up in the most luxurious settings imaginable.

When you get ready to settle in at the end of the day, you’ll enjoy terrific accommodations. The hotels here work hard to live up to their fine reputations and provide all the extras it takes to make your stay the vacation of a lifetime. Many suites have Jacuzzis and large verandahs overlooking the lavish grounds and the sea.

5 Star Luxury Hotels in Mombasa include:

  1. Afro Chic Diani Beach Hotel
  2. Leopard Beach Resort & Spa Mombasa
  3. Diani Reef Hotel Mombasa
  4. Serena Beach Hotel Mombasa

Just imagine yourself now; standing in the Mombasa moonlight, feeling the soft ocean breeze on your face, wishing you never had to leave. You’ll always have that magical experience at any of the 5 star hotels in Mombasa.