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3 Attractions Not to Miss in Mombasa

The Famous Mombasa Tusks

The Famous Mombasa Tusks

While you are likely to spend a fair amount of time in the beautiful blue oceans and white sands when you’re in Mombasa, you will likely want to visit other places throughout the city and the region.

Below are three attractions that you should certainly put on your ‘must see’ list.

The ‘Tusks’

When you head toward the center of Mombasa, you will notice large tusks. These are symbols of the city and were originally built in 1952 to commemorate a visit by Queen Elizabeth. They are located along the path from the port and into town.

The tusks, which are made of ivory, are built in the shape of a ‘M’ for Mombasa and it’s important to keep in mind that during the time when they were designed, ivory was expensive and Mombasa wasn’t a town with a lot of resources. It was an important symbolic gesture toward the queen and the British Empire.

Mamba Village

Next, whether you have children or not, you should take a trip to Mamba Village, which is home to one of the most popular attractions in the area … the crocodile farm. You can also enjoy horseback riding and even camel riding, if that’s something you’re interested in trying out.

You should certainly visit the rich botanical garden that is found here as well. If you’re interested in dining on something a bit different on your trip to Mombasa, you can try crocodile, ostrich, and even zebra at some of the restaurants in Mamba Village.


One of the less advertised treasures of Mombasa is Bombolulu. This is a place where men and women with disabilities come to create art and you can view some of their amazing creations. These people earn their money and their social status by selling their artwork.

This nonprofit organization has all sorts of art forms, including paintings, jewelry, and leather products. Be sure to make this a stop on your trip to Mombasa.