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3 Items You Shouldn’t Bring on Your Mombasa Vacation

scubaGetting ready to head off for your vacation in Mombasa, Kenya can be an exciting time. You’re trying to figure out exactly what to pack without over packing. You know you need sunscreen, bathing suits, and comfortable walking shoes, but you could inadvertently pack some items that may need to be tossed when you head through the security checkpoint at the airport.

There are also some items that are not necessary to bring along on this particular vacation. Here are three items you should consider leaving at home.

1. Unnecessary medications.

If you have prescription medications that are absolutely necessary, you need to bring along the prescription bottle with those pills inside. If you have a pill organizer, this isn’t adequate to go through security at most airports. Empty the pill organizer and have all of the pills in the appropriate files. That’s proper procedure when traveling by airplane today.

2. A scuba tank.

If you enjoy scuba diving and plan to do so on vacation, if you’ve traveled by plane before with your scuba gear, you already know you cannot bring along the scuba tank, even empty.

You don’t need to, either. There are plenty of dive shops in Mombasa where you can rent full compressed air tanks for your dives.

3. Any illegal contraband.

Weapons of any kind are not permitted through airports, including checked baggage. That’s also true of illicit drugs and other items considered contraband.

If you are caught with any items that are illegal to possess in and around Mombasa, it could directly affect your vacation, causing you to spend the majority of it in a jail cell.

You want your vacation be an enjoyable experience. If you’re traveling with family or friends, make sure you pay attention to the items you bring along with you and leave anything at home that can cause you or your party anguish or anxiety.