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3 Main Ways to Get to Mombasa and Its Best Hotels

3 ways to get to MombasaWhen you’re planning a family vacation or just an opportunity for yourself to get away for a while, Mombasa is a great destination. Mombasa, Kenya is located on the Indian Ocean and offers trouists an incredible view of turquoise water, white sandy beaches, and a great deal of history, all within a short commute from the hotel wherever you’re staying.

Getting to Mombasa is quite simple. Most people fly in from all over the world. Kenya Airways provides the most options with regard to getting into and out of Mombasa. Most flights originating from other portions of the world do not have direct access to Mombasa airport.

You’ll have to fly into one of the neighboring countries and then catch a flight directly to Mombasa.

You can also consider flying into Nairobi and boarding the train that will take you into Mombasa. There is a significant advantage to traveling this way: you would get to see the great deal of wildlife up close as a train rolls through the countryside. The trip takes approximately 13 hours and there are meal accommodations and first or second class seating assignments.

You may also consider a bus from one of Kenya’s other cities, but these are not considered a major mode of transportation. Buses don’t often travel throughout Mombasa, but they can take you to and from regions outside and around the city. It is more popular among the residents than tourists.

If you are planning on staying in one of Mombasa’s comfortable hotels, you’ll most likely enjoy getting here faster, and therefore flying into Mombasa airport is the best option. From there, try to avoid renting a car as navigating the streets in the city can be challenging, at best. Relying on the local taxi services is a great way to not only get around but to discover all that the city has to offer.