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3 Must See Attractions in Mombasa, Kenya

Mombasa tusks

The Famous Mombasa Tusks

You may be planning to travel to Mombasa, Kenya in a few weeks and while you booked your hotel, made travel arrangements, and are beginning to write down things you’re going to need to bring with you, you might be looking into various attractions throughout the city and the surrounding areas.

There are many places to visit in Mombasa that it can feel almost overwhelming for somebody who is never been here before. You have incredible wildlife sanctuaries, the amazing white sandy beaches, the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean, and even a city that is full of culture in life. Below are three attractions you should certainly keep on your list when heading to Mombasa.

Bombolulu Workshops. The Bombolulu Workshops were founded in 1969 for the Association for the Physically Disabled in Kenya (APDK). This is a popular tourist attraction that provides 150 disabled employees creating a wide range of textiles, jewelry, wood, and leather crafts. It is the largest rehabilitation center throughout the country.

Mombasa Tusks. These tusks are located on Moi Avenue and were built in 1956 is a celebration of Princess Margaret’s visit to Mombasa. They are located at the entrance of the city and contrary to popular belief, they are in not made from ivory. They’re actually made of aluminum.

The tusks form an archway on both sides of the street leading into the city and form an ‘M’, for Mombasa (or was it Margaret?).

Hindu Temples. Finally, you should take some time to visit one of the Hindu temples located in Mombasa. Within these facilities you’ll find incredible historical artifacts, paintings, idols, and more.

These attractions are well worth taking some time during your vacation in Mombasa to visit them. You will be grateful you did.