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3 Must-See Attractions in Mombasa

fort jesus,mombasakenya

Fort Jesus, Mombasa Kenya

When traveling to Mombasa, you’re going to be faced with a lot of decisions about which attractions you want to see and which ones would be on your ‘wish list’ (the attractions that you may be interested in but won’t lose too much sleep over if you simply run out of time.

When you’re here, there is going to be plenty to do, whether you’re traveling here for business or with family. Below are three ‘must see’ attractions within this incredible tropical destination.

Diani Beach

The most significant attraction that you should never miss are the white sandy beaches of Diani Beach. The moment that you step onto the soft white sands, you will feel as though you are truly in a world far away from your old life.

You should be prepared to protect yourself against the sun as it is intense in this part of the world. Spend time in the turquoise waters, snorkeling, swimming, or going scuba diving. You can do it all, include enjoy a variety of activities with other tourists and locals right here on this incredible beach.

Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus is, arguably, the biggest tourist destination in the city, and for good reason. This fort was built in the 1500s at the entrance to the port in Mombasa. It has stood throughout time and amidst changing leadership, but it remains a rock and beacon of hope for all who live in this city.

Voi National Park

Located in Tsavo West, this is an unforgettable adventure where you will see elephants, giraffe, and many other animals basking in their natural habitat. It’s one thing to see these creatures in a zoo or similar location, but something else entirely when you can see them truly roaming free.