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3 Must See Locations within Mombasa

fort jesus,mombasakenya

Fort Jesus, Mombasa Kenya

Staying in Mombasa will mean that you enjoy the vacation (or business trip) of a lifetime. Not only are the beaches here spectacular, but you can delve into a world of incredible culture, magnificent beauty, and history as well.

3 Must See Attractions are:

  • Diani Beach
  • Fort Jesus
  • Kaya Kinondo

Diani Beach

Spending at least one day at the white sands of Diani Beach is an absolute must for anyone who has never been to Mombasa. Even for those seasoned veterans, this is the one place that they tend to stop first.

Walk along the white sands of this beach, snorkel in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, or just lay back and enjoy some sun. Use caution, though, because when you’re in Mombasa, you’re closer to the equator and that means you can get burned a bit easier than when you’re home, especially if you live quite a distance from the equator.

Fort Jesus

One of the most historic sites outside of Mombasa is Fort Jesus. Built hundreds of years ago using the natural seashells and rock of the region, this fort has changed hands so many times but it continues to be a beacon of strength for the residents of this great city.

Kaya Kinondo

While you may not find this on too many travel brochures, this is a sacred forest that nestles up against the famed Diani Beach. You can tour some of the incredible foliage, meet some great and enthusiastic staff members, and learn a wealth of information about this region of the world.