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3 Reasons Trip Interruption Insurance May be Beneficial, even for Your Mombasa Vacation

vacation-insuranceOkay, you’ve been looking forward to this vacation to Mombasa, Kenya for almost an entire year. There’s absolutely no way you’re going to miss this trip. When you booked your vacation, the travel agent or other representative might have asked if you wanted to take out trip interruption insurance and you immediately brushed that idea off because you knew this is a trip you are going to make, no matter what you had to do.

Two days before your trip, before your flight is to take off, you are involved in an automobile accident driving to the store to pick up an extra swimsuit for this trip. You end up in the hospital for the next two days. You have a broken bone in your leg and a dislocated shoulder. You can’t use crutches and will have to rely on a wheelchair to get around for at least several weeks.

Not only do you no longer have the desire to go on a vacation, you’re worried about work, how you’re going to take care of yourself, and much more. You certainly didn’t foresee this happening, but it did.

Even if you are determined to get to Mombasa for your vacation, in spite of your condition, you may not be discharged from the hospital in time.

Another scenario is coming down with the flu or something worse just a couple of days before your flight is scheduled to leave. Some airlines will not let visibly sick people onto their airplanes.

A third scenario could be an emergency situation at work in which your boss calls you into the office the day before your scheduled trip and tells you he needs you to stay and take care of this disaster. You tell him you’ve got your flight, hotel, and entire vacation booked, and he apologizes but says this has to be a priority.

As you can see, there are many different reasons why your vacation plans could be interrupted. If you don’t have trip interruption insurance, you could be out the cost of the airline ticket, hotel, and any other expenses you put out up front.