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3 Strategies to Enjoy Your Mombasa Vacation with Teens

Traveling with Little Ones: How to Make it Memorable (in a Good Way)Traveling with teenagers can be a challenge, to say the least. If you’re planning a vacation in Mombasa, Kenya and you will be traveling with your teenage son, daughter, or many teenagers, you may feel as though you’ll need a vacation from this vacation.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can have just as much fun as they do, and even more, when you follow some simple strategies.

Strategy #1: Avoid the temptation of letting them stick their noses in their phone the whole time.

Teenagers today have a tendency to get caught up in texting and social media to the point where they miss life altogether. It may be tempting for you to just let them do what they normally do when you’re on vacation, but this can be a trip of a lifetime. With the incredible clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean, miles upon miles of white, sandy beaches, incredible history of Old Town and Fort Jesus, and two amazing safaris, when you get them paying attention you’ll have plenty to talk about in the evening when you’re all lounging around the pool at your hotel.

Strategy #2: Let them have time to themselves.

You may get nervous about letting your teenage son or daughter go off on their own, but as long as they stay within a certain area, Mombasa is a great and safe place to visit. Most Mombasa hotels that are right along the beach have everything you’ll need, including some amazing pools and easy access to the beaches.

Just make sure you go over safety expectations and rules ahead of time.

Strategy #3: Schedule family time.

If your teenage sons or daughters will be traveling with some friends, that’s fine. If you’re traveling with other families, that’s great. However, make sure you schedule some personal family time with just you guys.

This can be a night out at a restaurant, visiting one of the safaris together, or just walking down the beach and enjoying each other’s company.

Following these strategies will help you and your teenagers enjoy this trip even more.