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3 Tips that Will Help You Relax on the Way to Mombasa when You’re a Nervous Flyer


Fear of Flying? How to Deal with the Stress and Anxiety Leading Up to Your Mombasa TripBeing a nervous Flyer is okay. In fact, it’s actually far more common than you may realize. Millions of people who travel on a regular basis by airplane happen to consider themselves nervous flyers.

What is a nervous flyer?

This is a type of person who will fly, but who will be anxious about the trip. They may have some level of stress and anxiety when thinking about their flight coming up in a few days, have difficulty settling down, get fidgety and edgy when it comes time to board the plane, and grip the hand rests when the plane is lurching forward on takeoff.

The nervous flyer may also be somebody who panics whenever the airplane hits turbulence. When you are heading to Mombasa for a vacation or business trip, you’re going to be exposed to incredible beauty and a tropical paradise. Getting there in a relaxed state can make the entire trip much more comfortable. So here are a few tips that may help you relax when you’re getting ready to board your plane or once you’re on it.

Tip #1: Bring along a good book. If you’re not big into reading, now is the time to do it. Pick up a book that may be of interest to you and save it for the time when you’re waiting to board the plane. Open the book and begin reading. If the book is well-written you should become absorbed in the story quite quickly. Before you know it, your seat will be called for boarding.

Once you’re on the plane, follow the instructions of the flight attendants, but keep reading that book.

Tip #2: Spend some time at the airport watching all of the planes take off and land. When you realize just how many flights take off in an hour from one particular airport, multiply that by many thousands of airports all across the world. You begin to realize just how safe flying really is. That, alone, may help you relax.

Tip #3: Bring along information about Mombasa. When you read about the white sandy beaches, Fort Jesus, and all of the of the things you’re about to witness and experience, it can distract you from any tension and anxiety you might be feeling with regard to this flight.

These tips just might help you enjoy your next trip to Mombasa that much more.