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4 Helpful Tips when Packing for Your Mombasa Vacation

know what to packWhen you’re getting ready to leave on your holiday to Mombasa, Kenya, packing can be a bit frustrating. Some people get completely frustrated and flustered trying to pack for a week or two week vacation to another country.

In order to help you pack in the most effective and efficient way, follow these four tips.

Tip #1: Limit yourself to one checked bag and one carry-on.

Many airlines are charging for checked baggage and even when a person has more than one carry-on. You might not consider your pocketbook or computer laptop bag to be a carry-on, but the airline might. Make sure you only have one carry-on and one checked bag.

Tip #2: Know exactly what you can take through airport security.

You may rely on certain prescription medications, and if that’s the case you’ll need to follow regulations properly in order to get through. You can’t put this in a plastic bag. It has to be in the prescription bottle with the labels clearly marked in with your name on those labels. If you are taking somebody else’s medication for whatever purpose, you may not be able to get this through security. It’s better not to take it or to have it properly labeled than to lose it at the airport.

Tip #3: Pack at least two swimsuits.

You could be spending a lot of time swimming, either in the beautiful Indian Ocean or at the swimming pool at your Mombasa hotel. It can be uncomfortable to try to squeeze into a damp or wet bathing suit. That’s why you should pack at least two swimsuits so one can be drying while you’re enjoying swimming in the other one.

Tip #4: Bring along comfortable walking shoes.

You may have flip-flops, sandals, or other shoes that you’re bringing with you on this trip to Mombasa, but also pack comfortable sneakers. You may be spending quite a bit of time walking if you plan on visiting Old Town Mombasa, Fort Jesus, or one of the incredible wildlife safaris.