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5 Reasons Mombasa Could be Your Dream Vacation Getaway

Mombasa - White Sandy Beaches

Mombasa – White Sandy Beaches

There are so many different reasons why Mombasa can be such an incredible vacation for people traveling alone or even with families and friends, that it becomes difficult to narrow the list down to just five. However, we will do our best to list the five best reasons why Mombasa is such a great place to go.

Reason #1: You love spending time at gorges, weight, sandy beaches.

Mombasa is chock-full of white sandy beaches that lead into the beautiful blue waters of the Indian Ocean. There are many tropical destinations around the world that provide beauty and luxury, but few that can match Mombasa.

Reason #2: A long history.

There are so much history that surrounds Mombasa that it can be difficult to take it all in throughout just one simple week here. From Fort Jesus to Old town, from the village of Gedi to the nature preserves, you are surrounded by an incredible amount of history.

Reason #3: Wonderful people.

The locals here are so friendly and accommodating you will feel as though you’ve not just left your home country, but maybe even planet earth.

Reason #4: Amazing food.

Many of the local markets have some incredible exotic flavors. The City Market in Mombasa provides a simple glimpse into local produce and daily life of the locals. You can even check out the Floating Market on the oceanfront for some amazing fresh produce.

Reason #5: incredible artwork.

The locals take part in various art projects and they even have a section of Old Town where art that is created from developmentally disabled adults are on display and available for sale. Try to find something like that back in your home country.

We could go on and on about the incredible beauty and wonder that is Mombasa, but it’s best to check it out for yourself.