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5 Star Hotels in Mombasa

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Leopard Beach Resort

If you enjoy traveling in style, and want to stay in luxurious hotels, then Mombasa is a place that you should certainly have high on your bucket list. While many people who visit Kenya will want to see game reserves and the beautiful landscapes, Mombasa is a major city of the magical country and provides a different take on the people and the culture that make it special.

When booking a hotel in Mombasa there are a number of things to consider. If you are looking for a high quality hotel, the first thing you should consider is reading Mombasa Hotels 5 star reviews. This will give you an idea as to where you can start looking and where you might be interested in staying during your visit to Mombasa. There are a few hotels in Mombasa that possess a five star rating and it is not hard to see why they have reached this esteemed level.

If you fancy a beach side hotel offering miles and miles of white sandy beaches, then consider staying at the AfroChic Diani. Offering only ten rooms, guests are well looked after and are provided with all of the amenities they would expect when staying in a 5 star hotel. Taking a quick walk outside the hotel, you will find activities to enjoy during your stay in Mombasa. If you are more of an adventurous type you can water ski and snorkel, while others can take laid back trips into the city to experience the Mombasa culture.

Other 5 star beach resorts are available in Mombasa as well such as the Indian Ocean Beach Club and the Leopard Beach Resort. Both of these resorts offer many of the same amenities as the AfroChic Diani including access to the famous beaches of Mombasa.

No matter what the reason you have to come to Mombasa, you are sure to find what you are looking for at one of these classic 5 star hotels. If you are looking for more information about any of these hotels our reviews are a great place to get started. You will be able to read other’s experiences and find out what they did and did not like about each hotel. From there you can book your stay online and then read more about all of the wonderful things to do while you are staying in country.

It seems that there is almost unlimited potential from this special city, and it is up to you to decide how you will spend your time enjoying Mombasa.