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5 Steps to Ensure that Your Mombasa Vacation will be a Great One

ensure a great vacationYou are planning on taking your family on a vacation of a lifetime to Mombasa. You have read all of the material that you can about this incredible tropical destination. Now that you have booked your Mombasa hotel and your flights, you want to make sure that everything goes as well is a can.

No one can predict how things will actually work out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to ensure that your next vacation isn’t going to be the best one of your life.

Here are five steps that you can take to ensure that your Mombasa vacation is going to be incredible.

1. Pack appropriate clothing.

Nothing can ruin a vacation more than getting to your destination and realizing that you forgot something. If you arrive at this tropical destination and pull out all of your clothes and realize you didn’t bring a bathing suit, this can certainly put a damper on your vacation. Sure, there are places where you can pick up a swimsuit, but that can take time and detract from your enjoyment on this vacation.

2. Bring along sunscreen.

Because of its close proximity to the equator, it is vital that you have proper sunscreen. It doesn’t matter your ethnicity or how tanned you are already, the sun here at the equator can burn you in a matter of minutes. Make sure that you have plenty of sunscreen that is SPF 30 or above.

3. Budget properly.

Whether you’re going to be spending a week or more here in Mombasa you want to make sure that you have plenty of money for the entire trip. Far too many families spend almost all of their budget within the first couple of days and then have to wait out the rest of their time to go home.

That’s the last thing you want to do while you are supposed to be on vacation. Determine how much you can afford to spend each day and stick to that budget.

4. Have five key destinations in mind.

You will discover many things once you are in Mombasa that you may want to see. However, try to plan for as many things that you want to see before you arrive. Fort Jesus, Diani Beach, and even the wildlife reservations are high tourist attractions. Get an idea of where you want to go so you can plan your vacation accordingly.

5. Talk to your children, if you have any, about safety.

When you are in Mombasa, you are likely going to be spending time by the beautiful turquoise waters. Most Mombasa hotels also have luxurious pools. You want to speak to your children about proper safety in the water.

Following these steps will help you and your family have a vacation in Mombasa that you will remember for all the right reasons.