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5 Steps to Settling Poor Hotel Service in Mombasa

schedule conference in MombasaNo one wants to experience poor service, especially when they’re on vacation. If you have chosen a quality hotel in Mombasa, the chances of having issues significantly decreases. There are many different hotels in and throughout Mombasa, some of them offering considerably lower rates than those close to the ocean.

If you feel as though you have been given poor service at your hotel in Mombasa, here are five steps to take.

Step #1: Don’t threaten.

It is certainly tempting to get angry and belligerent, but don’t threaten to have somebody fired, to sue the hotel, or other actions. Resolve this in a calm and rational manner. You will appreciate it and so will your family or others who have traveled with you.

Step #2: Ask to speak to the manager.

If you haven’t greeted the manager yet, ask politely to speak to him or her. This will help to resolve issues without them escalating. Many hotel staff are not permitted to negotiate or offer any resolution matters and it’s not their fault.

Step #3: Stay calm.

At times when you feel you have been taken advantage of or that your vacation is going down the drain because of poor service at the hotel, it can be difficult to remain calm. Yet it is important that you do so.

Step #4: Step away from the situation.

The hotel manager or other representative may be doing his or her best to calm you down, but if you are agitated and angry, it will be difficult for them to accomplish that goal.

It’s a good idea for you to step away from the situation, let them know you will return in 15 or 30 minutes, and do so. Many people find once they have had some time to settle their emotions things resolve themselves much easier.

Step #5: Ask to speak to a company representative.

If the hotel is a chain there is a corporate office. Ask for the contact number for somebody at the corporate office. They may be better able to handle some situations, especially if there is a language barrier or some other issue getting in the way of a peaceful and reasonable resolution.