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5 Tips for Traveling to Mombasa with Young Children

family friendly-mombasaWhen you’re planning a vacation to Mombasa with young children, you want to ensure their safety above everything else. Family vacations are wonderful, but if someone becomes sick or injured during that trip, it can put a damper on the entire vacation.

Children are curious, excitable, and don’t tend to think before they run off and try something. Below are 5 tips that you can consider when traveling with young children to help keep them safe.

1. Go with them when they head to the pool. Assuming that you’re staying at one of the many Mombasa hotels that have a pool, don’t operate under the assumption that there will be a lifeguard or other people down at the pool. Always escort young children to a hotel pool.

2. Make sure they use sunscreen. One thing kids don’t like to do is put on suntan lotion, or sunscreen. When you’re in Mombasa, you’re right by the equator, which means that the sun is going to be incredibly strong. They can burn easily, so be firm about having them wear some protection.

3. Have something to entertain them on the flight. When you’re on a plane and a young child becomes bored, it can make for an interesting and frustrating situation. They should remain in their seat as much as possible, aside from having to use the facilities. Keeping them entertained will help ensure you’re able to keep them calm and safe on the plane.

4. Don’t let them run off ahead near roads. You won’t be familiar with the roads or traffic in Mombasa, but you should always make sure that your young children are next to you when walking along sidewalks or getting ready to cross a road.

5. Keep a close eye on them when they are swimming in the ocean. Most of the beaches in Mombasa are very safe and the waters are clear, but you should always be sure that you have a clear sight on your young children when they are playing in the water.

When you follow these tips, you and your young children will have a great, safe time in Mombasa.