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A Relaxing Stay at the Sapphire Hotel Mombasa

Sapphire Hotel MombasaA trip to Kenya is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. From the incredible wildlife you will see to the white sandy beaches that go on forever, Kenya is truly a beautiful country from end to end. However, no trip to Kenya would be complete without seeing the second largest city, Mombasa. Majestically set on the coast and a historical old city, Mombasa is a city that must be seen to be experienced.

The Sapphire Hotel

When you are considering staying in Mombasa, you will first need to find your perfect hotel. While there are a plethora of different hotels in Mombasa, the Sapphire Hotel Mombasa is a top option that you should consider when planning your stay. The hotel is set up to accommodate both businesspersons and tourists through the amenities that it provides. It is conveniently located and well rated.

Rooms and Amenities

With more than 100 you should be able to book the perfect room; so long as you plan in advance. Each room comes with the standard amenities that you would expect from an upscale hotel, including access to a swimming pool, a private veranda, a TV, and a fully stocked bar.

For those that are in Mombasa on business, you will be able to take advantage of the conference center. The conference center is fully equipped with phones, wireless internet, computer, printing services and standard office equipment. Perfect for your important meetings.

However, if you are simply looking for a relaxing day in Mombasa, look no further than the beautiful pool and verandas. You will be served by waiters while you relax and soak up the sun in this amazing city. In the evening you can dine in the luxurious dining room where you will be serenaded by live piano music as you drink the finest wines in Mombasa. Full meals are available throughout the day – breakfast, lunch and dinner are all served. Additionally, a full bar is stocked for those that wish to enjoy.

A trip to Mombasa is an experience that will last a life time. While you are sure to want to take in the city and the surroundings, the Sapphire Hotel Mombasa is here to ensure that you enjoy staying the in the wonderful city as much as you do exploring it. So, if you find yourself planning a trip to Mombasa and begin looking into hotels, the Sapphire Hotel Mombasa is an excellent option amongst all the top hotels available.