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Bed Bugs, Myths, and What to Consider on Your Trip to Mombasa

bedbugYou have probably heard about bedbugs, and maybe it’s something you’re concerned about when you go on vacation. If you’re traveling to Mombasa, Kenya in the near future, here are some things to consider with regard to bedbugs, common myths, and how to stay safe and comfortable on your entire vacation.

Bedbugs don’t often affect higher quality resorts.

The higher end hotels and resorts don’t often have to deal with bedbugs because they regularly clean their rooms. Even if somebody brings bedbugs with them, unknowingly of course, these hotels will usually address the situation quickly because the last thing they want is for these little critters to expand and spread out to other rooms.

Some hotels may try to save money.

One way for hotel to save money is by not changing sheets that don’t appear dirty, but what you’ll find in the higher quality Mombasa hotels in this great Kenyan city is that the sheets and other linens are regularly changed, even if they don’t appear to even have been slept in. For example, if you have two twin or full mattresses in the room, and if the previous people who stayed there only slept in one of the beds and the other one was never even touched. The cleaning crews will often change both full sheets and blankets properly.

You can always get extra towels.

One thing a lot of people complain about when they stay in a hotel is there aren’t enough towels available. Hotels have limited resources and aren’t going to place four or six towels in a room, even if that’s how many people will be staying there.

All you need to do is call down to the front desk and have extra towels sent up. It really is that easy.

So when you’re planning to stay in a Mombasa Hotel, focus on the higher quality ones, especially those close to the ocean. If you try to save money on a discount hotel, you could be dealing with bedbugs, dirty sheets, and other problems just like anywhere else in the world where these lower end resorts, motels, or cheap hotels are trying to save as much money as possible.