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Boutique Hotels in Mombasa

Mombasa Beach Hotels

Mombasa Beach Hotels

Both the North and South coast of Mombasa are known for beautiful white sand beaches and fun activities. There are a number of hotels along both coasts that offer a wide range of amenities, but the most interesting (in terms of uniqueness) are the boutique hotels.

A boutique hotel is an accommodation that is not part of a chain and provides a stylish and intimate atmosphere as well as top-of-the-line amenities. Most often these are small hotels that have fewer than one hundred rooms. Mombasa’s boutique hotels stand out in terms of their staff, design, locations, and ambience.

The staff at these hotels is dedicated to creating a personal experience for guests. They always address guests by name and do their best to anticipate their needs. They strive to have what you want, how you want it, and when you want it before you ever have to ask.

They often design their establishments based on a theme. The artwork, décor, common area music, and appliances all work together to create the atmosphere the hotel is centered around. Special treats like complimentary champagne or vintage wines often await guests once they check in.

Each hotel may offer its own range of activities. Since Mombasa sits on the Kenyan coastal shore, many of these activities are centered around water sports. Deep-sea fishing, scuba, and other watersports are quite popular in the area. You will find some hotels offering safaris to places like Haller Park and day trips to Mombasa’s many markets. Most of these hotels have in-house bars and restaurants in addition to their close proximity to major clubs and casinos.

Some of the most popular boutique hotels in the area are:

The Diani beach boutique hotel, which is located amongst a tropical garden. It is a romantic retreat perfect for couples. Eight of the ten en-suite rooms offer a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean. Despite its romantic atmosphere, the hotel is family friendly. They offer many family activities and even offer a babysitting service if you want to get away for the evening for a romantic night out.

The Tijara beach hotel is decorated in a traditional Swahili décor. All the furniture is hand carved and the artwork is local. One of the special amenities of this hotel is the famous Black Jack’s Cave where guests can visit and have a meal. The hotel also has its own hunting and stocks of wildlife like wild pigs, bush babies, dikdik, and more.

There are many more boutique hotels throughout the area. If this type of accommodation appeals to you, call Find Mombasa Hotels today to discuss all your options and book the perfect trip.