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Boutique Hotels in Mombasa

Indiana Beach HotelMombasa is a historic town with a rich history known for its white sandy beaches and its rich historical artifacts. This is the major drive behind the popularity of most hotels are along the North and South Coast. At Find Mombasa Hotels you will find a broad selection of hotels that will suit your taste and budget. Today we are spotlighting boutique hotels.

A boutique hotel is not your average, chain-affiliated lodging. They are different and often have a more intimate atmosphere while providing top of the line amenities as befits style of the hotel. These are often small hotels with fewer than one hundred rooms (sometimes far fewer). There is a much more personal connection between guests and the staff and the décor and ambience create a more intimate connection with Africa.

The quality of service at these hotels is well above average. Hotel staff members are professionals trained to predict guests’ needs and wants. The personal service you receive at these establishments is exceptional and the staff will always be incredibly friendly. This alone sets boutique hotels apart.
Many of these hotels in Mombasa feature unique themes. This has become a very popular practice in the boutique hotel industry. This style includes original local artwork visible in the lobbies, interesting music – often local – rather than typical hotel Muzak, the incorporation of designer facilities in washrooms, and complimentary champagne and wine upon arrival or with dinner.

These hotels have a great edge in terms of activities because of Mombasa’s location on the rich Kenyan coast. These activities range from deep sea fishing excursions to scuba diving to high adrenaline water sports. Some also offer safari services to most of the city’s key attraction sites. Most of these hotels have in-house bars and restaurants in addition to their close proximity to major clubs and casinos.

Some of the most popular boutique hotels include the breathtaking Diani Beach Resort, which offers the perfect retreat for romantic and exotic escapism since it is located in a lush tropical garden gracing the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Eight out of the ten en-suite bedrooms offers an oceanic view. Its services include airport shuttle service, babysitting services, braai/barbecue and credit card services among others.

You can surround yourself with traditional Swahili décor and culture at the Tijara Beach Hotel. The hotel also plays host to the famous Black Jack’s Cave, which dates back to the slave trade era. It also has its own wildlife area stocked with game such as dikdik, wild pigs, bush buck, bush babies, exotic butterfly species, and genet cats.

There are many other amazing boutique hotels you can choose for your holiday. Call us today to talk about your options and we will help you find the perfect hotel for your comfort, style, and desires.