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Dealing with Jet Lag: Getting the Most Out of Your Vacation to Mombasa

time differnceIf you are traveling to Mombasa from a considerable distance away, you may end up in a completely different time zone. If you travel more than five time zones away from your home, you may experience what is commonly referred to as “jet leg.”

Jet lag is the phenomena where your body is still on your hometown time zone and that means you may feel exhausted at 3 or 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Mombasa time.

Getting out of jet lag as soon as possible is one of the best ways to maximize the enjoyment you should have in this tropical paradise. In order to get the most out of your vacation, deal with jet lag head-on.

Know what to expect.

If you are traveling from Canada or some other part of the world, you should expect a significant amount of jet lag once you arrive in Mombasa. You can prepare for it by changing your sleep patterns a few days before your flight is scheduled to leave. This will help your body become a bit more acclimated to the time zone in Mombasa.

When you land, avoid going to sleep early, even if you are completely exhausted. Try to sleep on the plane as this can help to mitigate the jet leg you feel once you are in Mombasa.

If 10:00 PM your time is 9 o’clock in the morning in Mombasa, try to avoid going to sleep or heading back to the hotel until at least 8 PM Mombasa time. That will certainly feel more like three in the morning back home, but if you can manage this on your first day and then sleep through the night, you will wake up refreshed and already closer to being on Mombasa time.

When you are closer to the actual time in your vacation destination, you will have more energy and be more enthusiastic throughout the day. That can help you enjoy your vacation so much more.