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Don’t Get Caught Overspending on Your Way to Mombasa

Overspending on Your Way to MombasaIf you’re heading to Mombasa, Kenya for a vacation and it’s your first time going there, you could be incredibly excited. If you’re not used to traveling or going away from home on vacation, if this is your first time flying, you could fall into a common trap of overspending before you even reach Mombasa.

You’re going to see plenty of gift shops in the airports. If you’re spending an hour or more at the airport on a layover, you could feel restless and anxious. You may be hungry and find a restaurant or other facility where you can get some food.

You may even find an open bar where you can have a few drinks while waiting for your next flight to board.

Many people spend far more than they anticipate when traveling because of these things. This is especially true for relatively new travelers who don’t have many miles behind them.

Set a budget for how much you are willing and able to spend on your travels getting to Mombasa. It’s a good idea to be realistic about this. You’re going to need to eat. You can certainly bring along some food on your own, but you may be limited on what you can take based on certain security measures within your country.

You might want to limit your food budget to $20 or less for the entire trip.

What about gift shops?

When you arrive in Mombasa or you’re at another city, you will see plenty of gift shops throughout the airport. Most of these gift shops have little trinkets and mementos for the country and city you are currently in. Even if you aren’t stepping out of the airport, you could be tempted to purchase one of those little trinkets just because you were there.

Resist that urge. If you limit yourself to not spending any money in any gift shop along the way, you’ll have more to spend when you reach Mombasa.

If you have money left over on the trip home, then you can certainly consider picking up some of those mementos along the way. The last thing anyone wants to do is reach their destination, this tropical paradise, and run out of money before their vacation is over. That would only add stress to what should be an incredibly enjoyable time.