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How to Enjoy the Best Cuisine Mombasa has to Offer

serena-beach-hotelPlanning a trip to Mombasa will most likely mean that you will be eating out at least once. For most vacationers and business travelers, eating out while in Mombasa is a must and while hotels often supply breakfast, lunch and dinner are up to the guests.

There are so many places to choose from and you should certainly try a variety of local flavors while you visit this incredible Kenyan city, so consider the following advice when determining where you want to eat while on vacation or at your business getaway.

1. Focus on quality. The first step is to make sure that you are going to be getting quality food. Just because a restaurant or other food establishment advertises heavily, that doesn’t mean it offers or serves high quality meals.

Read online reviews from actual customers to determine whether the quality is as advertised.

2. Expand your horizons. Even if you have never tried some of the local delicacies, you may want to sample things that you’ve never had before. Sticking to the traditional European or American style menus are safe, but they certainly won’t be anything to “write home about.”

3. Ask the locals. You might want to avoid asking hotel management or desk concierge services about the ideal restaurant hotspots as they may have a financial interest in directing you to certain establishments.

Instead, ask other locals, people you meet on the beach or out on the town. Ask the hotel wait and cleaning staff. Pay attention to what other tourists you meet have to say. This will generally give you a pretty good sense of what’s available and what’s worth checking out.

4. Bring antacids. Even if you don’t tend to have a problem digesting foods, you’re visiting a different country. The water quality will be different and so will the way certain foods are prepared. Your body may not be able to handle the differences that well, so it’s a good idea to bring along some antacids, or pick some up once you get here.

An upset stomach can ruin your day, so keeping ahead of the situation and being prepared is the best way to get the most enjoyment out of your trip, and the cuisine that Mombasa is famous for.