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Fear of Flying? How to Deal with the Stress and Anxiety Leading Up to Your Mombasa Trip

Fear of Flying? How to Deal with the Stress and Anxiety Leading Up to Your Mombasa TripIf you’re like a lot of people, the idea of boarding an airplane, sitting down, and giving up complete control to an unseen pilot, maintenance crew, and other factors that are beyond you can be difficult, at best. A lot of people fear flying, but for many different reasons. The most common reason why people are afraid of flying is that whenever there is a plane crash, it makes headline news. That can make it seem as though planes are just falling out of the sky all the time.

When you’re planning a vacation to Mombasa, Kenya, you’re going to have to take an airplane to get there. Dealing with stress and anxiety about flying is important, especially if you want to enjoy your trip as much as possible. After all, part of the fun in a vacation to a place like Mombasa is the anticipation of getting there.

Here are some tips that can help relieve stress and anxiety when flying.

1. Spend some time at the airport watching planes take off and land.

Many people simply don’t sit down and watch how many planes take off every hour from major, international airports that when you spend an hour or two just watching this routine, including planes landing, you can see just how many planes take off and land at one single airport in an hour or two. Multiply that by the thousands of airports and commercial flights around the world taking off and landing every day.

It can help you realize just how safe you will be once you board the plane.

2. Have something to keep your mind occupied.

Playing games, doing activities on your smartphone, or even reading a book can help alleviate your stress and anxiety before and during your flight. Rely on these activities as much as possible.

3. Develop a ritual.

Some people like to board the plane, stow their carry-on bag, sit down, and read through the safety packet. It seems to provide them comfort in doing so. Figure out your own routine. Even though you’re not superstitious, it can provide comfort once you are boarded on the plane.

4. Think about the tropical destination.

When you focus on where you’re traveling to, it can help you set your mind at ease that this is just a short detour to reach your ultimate destination.