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Should You Find a Hotel Close to the Beaches in Mombasa?

beach shisha4Traveling to Mombasa can be an exciting venture. Even if you’re coming to this part of Kenya for business, there is usually going to be time to spend on your own. As a result, where you stay in proximity to the things that interest you most will have a direct impact on your enjoyment while in Mombasa.

One of the main attractions for Mombasa are the pure white sandy beaches that stretch for miles along the Indian Ocean. These beaches have attracted people from all walks of life from all over the world and they are something to behold.

If you are an avid beachgoer, then you’re certainly going to want to find a hotel that is relatively close to the beaches, if not right along them.

Cost Saving Options

However, if you are looking for ways to save some money while you’re on vacation in Mombasa, then you’ll be able to do that by staying at a hotel that is not right next to the beaches. The farther away from the prime destinations and attractions, the more you will save.

You need to consider the transportation costs into this, though. Most people who visit Mombasa do not opt to rent a car because getting around the area can be somewhat confusing for those who have never been here before. That means getting around throughout the city and to the beaches will cost you for each ride.

If you are going to spend the day at the beach here, you should know that it can become quite hot in this part of the world. Sometimes it’s nice to just be able to head back to the hotel to cool off, to take a swim in one of the pools, and to relax poolside with a tropical drink in hand.

Staying close to the beach will usually cost more for your hotel, but if you don’t spend some time at the beaches in Mombasa, you’re going to be missing out on one of the main attractions for this entire region.