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Mombasa Beach Hotels

Mombasa Beach Hotels

If you love to travel, you understand the excitement of visiting different cities and countries, exploring unfamiliar cultures, and seeing the world in all its beauty. You also know the importance of booking in advance and finding the right accommodations.

Staying at the wrong hotel can put a damper on your entire trip. Fortunately, when you’re visiting Mombasa Kenya, it’s hard to find a low quality hotel.

While hotels vary in the amenities they offer and star ratings they have received, all provide excellent service as well as options for activities. Mombasa has many hotels, some located close to the city, others built close to one of the beautiful beaches you’ll find here. Where you decide to stay should be based on the activities you are most interested in pursuing during your stay.

In deciphering the star rating system, there are general expectations that you may have. 5-star hotels should offer reception and room service around the clock, soundproof rooms, and superior furniture and room appliances. The staff should address you by name and endeavor to see that all your needs are met 24 hours a day. 5-star hotels are a truly luxurious experience and often the price tag reflects that.

A 4-star hotel may have reception on call rather than fully staffed at night. The furniture and appliances will be very nice but not necessarily top of the line. They may offer room service for a limited time each day (usually 16 hours rather than the full 24). These hotels are still luxurious but don’t carry as high a price tag as the 5-stars. They may have a slightly less grand location as well but are still well worth your attention.

3-star hotels are much more basic. You will usually have a telephone and television in your room but not much else. In some cases, you may have to share a bathroom, so be sure to find out ahead of time if this is the case; it’s not something to leave to chance. These hotels are great if you’re planning to be out all day and simply using your hotel as a place to rest.

Mombasa is the most popular destination in Kenya. The quality of the hotels in the area reflect that. Pretty much every hotel in and around the city has at least one swimming pool, which is a nice bonus when you want to quickly cool off in between activities. Many have multiple pools – kiddie pools, lap pools, and pools with swim up bars.

It’s pretty easy to choose a good hotel in Mombasa since there are so many. When setting up your trip, decide how close you want to be to the beach, what restaurants you want to try, and what activities you’ll be doing and the right hotel will surface quickly. If you have questions, please call Find Mombasa Hotels. We’ll get you answers and help you book the perfect trip.