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Five Less Known Hotels to Consider in Mombasa

hotel-ammenitiesThe moment that you begin to plan on your vacation or business trip to Mombasa, you’re going to want to choose the right hotel to stay in. The right hotel can make all the difference in whether you have an incredible stay or have nothing but complaints about your time in this wonderful Kenyan city.

Below are five Mombasa hotels, as rated by previous guests for a variety of different reasons.

1. Kenya Bay Beach Hotel.

Hovering at the top of many hotel lists for Mombasa happens to be the Kenya Bay Beach Hotel. This offers a convenient location close to the best beaches, and has incredibly friendly staff, all at reasonable rates.

They offer an outdoor pool, high speed Internet access, and a host of amenities that are sure to make your visit in this city enjoyable.

2. Leinmach Guest House.

A number of guests find the Leinmach Guest House to be ideally situated for both business and leisure travelers. It is also pet friendly, so you could bring along your four-legged furry friend to enjoy the tropical climate with you.

3. Cowrie Shell Beach Apartments.

Located at Bamburi Beach, the Cowrie Shell Beach Apartments provides the ideal launching point for you to explore all that Mombasa has to offer. The rooms come with high definition flat screen TVs, air conditioning, and extra long beds. There are a wealth of activities to do while staying here, so you’ll never be trying to figure out something else to do.

4. New Palm Tree Hotel.

The New Palm Tree Hotel provides a great location for business travelers, but it can also be enjoyed by vacationers looking to save a bit of money compared to some other locations. Some customers have complained about the condition of the bathrooms in the past, but they have cleaned up their act and now rate as one of the best affordable hotels throughout all of Mombasa.

5. The Monalisa Hotel.

Located closer to downtown Mombasa, the Monalisa Hotel is a prime destination for those who want to experience everything that this city has to offer. Not too far from the world famous beaches, the Monalisa is better suited for those individuals who only plan on spending a day or two at the beach and who want to explore the city, Fort Jesus, and other jewels throughout the city.