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Flights to Mombasa

Flights to MombasaThe beaches and resorts of Mombasa are fast becoming a top international tourist destination. Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya and one of the most beautiful locations in all of Africa. It is home to brilliant white sand beaches and rich cultural history. Travel here has become popular all over the world and the influx of tourists means more flights.

The city of Mombasa overflows with culture and fun, which is one of the reasons thousands of people, visit each year. It is the perfect place to unwind on any of the incredible beaches and indulge in activities like water sports and fishing. There are many excellent beach activities for individuals, couples and families that will keep you occupied throughout your stay. The safe and guided boat tours will take you out to the reef where you can watch the sharks swim at the lower depths. There are countless things offered by Mombasa to invigorate your senses to the core.

The city is also home to many amazing cultural experiences. There are small boutique shops selling local art, jewelry, clothes, and other keepsakes. Mombasa is very dependent on the income generated by selling African art. Here you will find that the tourists are keen on buying the local handcrafted items, ornately carved furniture, souvenirs etc. You should not miss visiting the Old Town where numerous markets and expensive boutiques are located. You can bargain a lot and buy the items at reasonable prices. Lastly, the city offers you a comprehensive shopping experience.

Travel to Mombasa is easiest if you fly. You will find several flights to Mombasa each day and if you book online you’ll find that prices are quite low. The city also has many domestic flights, linking the city to the other main cities of Africa. To experience all this book your flight to Mombasa and call us with any questions or to book through us.