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Flying to Mombasa

Flights to MombasaFlying to Mombasa from outside of Kenya is an experience. Kenya is a major international travel hub as thousands of visitors from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America fly in every year. Typically, there are two ways to fly to Mombasa: take a flight to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi and then a connecting flight onto Moi International Airport in Mombasa, or directly to Moi International airport.

Any time is a good time to fly to Mombasa, the climate is very temperate so it is nice all year round. Prices vary depending on where you are flying from, but flights to Mombasa tend to fill up quickly from the end of June to early September, and from December to January, as it is the main holiday season. For trips during these months, it is advisable to book at least a few months in advance in order to get the best-priced fares.

In the off seasons you can get great deals on flights by taking advantage of their off-seasons rates. Before booking, call Find Mombasa Hotels and let us shop around for the best price. Travel insurance is never a bad idea no matter where you’re traveling to. We will be able to advise you on where to purchase additional insurance if you wish.

When flying from the UK, London is the best departure point. You will find direct flights from Heathrow to Jomo Kenyatta seven days a week. The trip usually takes about nine hours and is offered most commonly by British Airways and Kenya Airways. You can also charter a flight from the UK to Mombasa if you prefer.
From the US and Canada you will not find a direct flight, though this might change in the near future as travel from these countries to Kenya continues to increase. The fastest routes to Nairobi are from New York via London, either on British Airways or on a combination of Virgin Atlantic and Kenya Airways. There are also various other European hubs through which you can travel.

There are also no direct flights from Australia and New Zealand. You will have a stopover in Asia or Southern Africa. The most direct flights are through Johannesburg via South African Airways or a combination of Quantas and a few other major airlines.

From South Africa you can get to Mombasa by simply using South African Airways and Kenya Airways. You can usually travel directly from Johannesburg to MOI International.