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Get in the Groove: Dealing with Hotel Issues when You’re on Vacation in Mombasa

Amani Tiwi ReceptionIn an ideal world, people would love it if things worked out the way they should. However, life is full surprises and that’s part of the excitement in it. However, when you’re planning on traveling to Mombasa, the last thing you want is unforeseen circumstances with your hotel.

At times, hotel issues may be unavoidable. There could be things you expected to find in the room that weren’t there. There are healthy and unhealthy ways to go about dealing with these potential issues.

The best way to deal with any type of issue with your Mombasa hotel is to remain calm. Even if you were meticulous in your reservation, spoke to somebody on the phone, and made sure they understood how important it was for you to have an extra cot in that room, things can get overlooked and mistakes do happen.

Getting angry, threatening, and yelling at hotel staff is not going to help solve the problem any quicker. Some people believe that being firm and boisterous and even obnoxious is the best way to get result, but if the hotel can accommodate and has the ability to remedy the situation, they will whether you get angry and loud or you remain calm.

When you get angry and obnoxious, you are only working up your own blood pressure and that can negatively impact your time in Mombasa.

What happens if your room is no longer available? It can happen, especially if you are delayed on a flight. If it happens or the hotel overbooked and you arrive and find that there are no rooms available, remain calm.

Understand that there are many hotels throughout the Mombasa area and the hotel that you had originally booked will do everything in their power to make sure you find accommodations as quickly as possible. It can certainly be frustrating, but it’s no reason to allow it to ruin your vacation in this tropical paradise.