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Getting Ahead of the Storm: Tips for Winter Travel and Heading to a Tropical Destination Like Mombasa

getting ahead of a stormThe moment you plan a winter trip to a tropical destination, especially when you live in snow-prone areas, you might be concerned about getting on your flight, dealing with cancellations due to bad weather, and a host of other problems. Heading to Mombasa this year is going to be an incredible vacation, business trip, or other getaway, and here are some tips to help you maximize the time you spend in Kenya, rather than in an airport close to home.

1. Look for connection flights in warmer climates.

Flying from a snowbound airport to another one, especially one that often deals with the same systems affecting your hometown, could lead to multiple delays and cancellations.

Try to find flights that switch in much warmer areas. Planes can often take off well during snowstorms; it’s the landings that can back up entire airports.

2. Keep track of the weather forecasts.

It’s best to pay attention to what’s going on with the weather. If you notice some bad weather potentially in the forecast, even a week before your flight, that could inspire you to look at potential changes to your flight plans.

Many airlines charge for changing flights, but if you could get out a day early and avoid a potential serious weather event, it might be worth spending a night in a hotel close to another airport in order to make it to Mombasa as scheduled.

3. Look for potential secondary flight plans.

If there’s a storm moving in, call your airline to check on as many other flights as possible. The sooner you know what’s available, the easier it will be for you to book another flight, if the need arises.

4. Be sure to stay in contact with your Mombasa hotel in the event of delays.

Always make sure you stay in contact with the Mombasa hotel or hotels where you’ll be staying if you might be delayed. Letting them know what’s going on could prevent some challenging, disappointing, and uncomfortable situations.

Staying ahead of potential airline delays is a good way to ensure your Mombasa vacation or business trip will be a great one.