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Group or Private Charters: Which One is Best for Your Mombasa Vacation

fort jesus,mombasakenya

Fort Jesus, Mombasa Kenya

Vacationing in the tropical paradise known as Mombasa is going to expose you to many wonderful things. You can visit Fort Jesus, engage with locals and check out the arts and crafts that they create, or bask in the beautiful warm tropical waters.

If you prefer to spend most of your time on or around the turquoise water here, you may be interested in taking a boat charter to visit some of the more interesting regions. You may want to go on a whale watching expedition, if one’s available during your stay. You may want to see different marine creatures.

There are generally two options to choose from with regard to boat charters: group and private. A group charter will generally take you to some of the more common ‘tourist trap’ destinations. These will be places that attract numerous boats. It can become quite crowded here as a result.

A group charter will generally also be less expensive than a private charter. However, a private charter will actually allow you to see some sights that you would never experience with a group charter. There are so many incredible sights to behold in the waters off Mombasa, away from the white sand beaches.

You might see some interesting marine life that tends to hide away from the tourist sections (because of noise). You may see some shipwrecks or downed planes or even an occasional cannon from a 18th or 19th century warship.

Finding a private charter here in Mombasa can be challenging. You never know what you’re going to get and whether the captain will actually show you interesting sights. Ask around and you’ll likely find some locals who know the best captain to approach. Private charters do increase risk, so you need to determine how important it is for you to have a truly unique experience during your trip to Mombasa.