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Handling Extreme Weather when Traveling for Vacation

Fort Jesus in Mombasa, Kenya

Fort Jesus in Mombasa, Kenya

Heading away for a vacation is something millions of people look forward to every single year. It provides you an opportunity spend quality time with family, friends, or whomever you are traveling with. It also gives you a break from the daily toll that life can take.

When you head to a tropical paradise like Mombasa, depending on the time of year you plan your trip, you could be exposed to a wide range of weather conditions. When you’re in Mombasa you might experience some torrential downpours, severe weather, and other incredible natural events. This doesn’t have to put a damper on your vacation, especially if the rain lasts for an entire day or even a couple of days.

No matter where you go, aside from a few places across the entire planet, you’re going to be exposed to the risk of severe weather. How you handle these situations will determine how well you enjoy your overall trip.

Plan ahead for potential rain and severe weather events.

There are plenty of things you can do even when it’s raining. Visiting Fort Jesus or heading to downtown Mombasa to see the galleries and shops could be a great rainy day event. Plan to do these things either at the end of your vacation or on a day when it rains. If you do these things on a gorgeous day in the beginning of your trip and then it rains for two or three days on end, you could be feeling a bit frustrated that you missed out on quality time at the beach.

Pay attention to weather alerts.

Just as you would do this at home, make sure you heed any severe weather alerts or warnings. If you’re at the beach, snorkeling, swimming, or just enjoying the afternoon, if you notice certain warnings go up about rip currents, strong winds, or severe weather on the way, heed those warnings and head back to your hotel and reset for the rest of the day.

How you handle extreme weather will often depend on how well you plan for it. When you plan ahead for the potential for some bad weather, you’ll enjoy your trip that much better.