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Heading Off to Mombasa during Winter? Pack Your Patience!

going to Mombasa in the winter practice your patienceWinter travel is arguably one of the most difficult challenges people will face whenever they leave home. Whether you’re heading out to Mombasa for a business conference, meeting, or just some relaxing time away, if you make your plans during the winter months, you’ll need to pack a lot of extra patience.

Depending on where you live, you could be dealing with extremely cold temperatures, snow, freezing rain, sleet, hail, and even intense wind events.

The best thing to do is pay attention to the weather forecasts for at least one week before your scheduled flight. Even though meteorologists tend to get a lot of things wrong, the closer a specific date arrives the more accurate their forecasts become. If there is a specific weather event headed your way that could impact your flight, begin to make alternate plans and also have contact information ready.

What contact information you should have?

Whatever hotel in Mombasa you have reserved a room at, you should have their direct phone number to call them in the event that you’re delayed at least several hours. This could indicate that you’re still on track to arrive in they shouldn’t give your room away, especially if they are completely booked.

You may also want to check other potential flights that get into the area if you miss a connection or have difficulty getting out through a specific airline.

When you arrive at the airport, have comfortable shoes, something to keep warm with, and some activities to keep you busy. You may have a book you want to read, work you need to get done, or any other such activities, so in the event that you’re delayed for several hours or even longer you can still be productive.

Keep in mind that during severe weather a lot of flights may be canceled or delayed. That means there’s going to be a number of other travelers dealing with the same situation you are. If you use electronic devices it could be difficult to find an outlet with which to recharge the battery. That’s why a traditional book is always a good idea, as well as some crossword puzzles and other non-electronic activities.

Winter travel can be frustrating for anyone so remember to be patient; you will get to Mombasa and it will be well worth the trouble.