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The Importance of Swimming Pools for Your Mombasa Stay

Afrochic diani kenya

Afrochic diani kenya

Just about every major hotel throughout Mombasa has at least one swimming pool on the grounds. Even if you’re not an avid swimmer and you don’t believe that it’s important to have a swimming pool on site, you may be surprised once you arrive in Mombasa.

For those who have never visited a tropical climate, it can be difficult to truly understand the heat that you will experience here. Being right along the equator, the sun shines bright for the majority of the year and pounds down on the city and the beaches for nearly twelve hours, at least, every single day of the year.

Heading to the ocean, white sand beaches will be a thrill for you and your family, and you will likely want to get your feet wet in the crystal blue and turquoise waters. When you head back to the hotel to cool down, you might be comfortable in your room, but odds are you’ll want to still relax and take in some of the incredible weather that you find there.

That’s when you’ll be relaxing poolside. Of course, you may notice that a number of the Mombasa hotels here have bars in the pools, complete with bar stools that are submerged in the water. This allows you to go and enjoy a drink in the shade of the bar, while also being in the pool.

Because the temperatures are quite high here, especially during the peak summer months, there are going to be plenty of times when you want to cool off. The easiest and most enjoyable way to do that is to take a quick dip into one of those abundant pools.

So even if you’ve been dismissing the entire notion of swimming pools at the hotels, unless you’ve already visited Mombasa before and know what to expect, you may be surprised at how convenient and fun they can be for a few hours in the afternoon or evening, before you head out for a night on the town.

So when you’re shopping around for the best Mombasa hotel for your stay, consider just how important that swimming pool could be when you’re here. You can thank us later.