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Keep a Journal for Your Next Trip to Mombasa … You’ll Appreciate the Subtle Notes You Make Years Later

Mombasa keep a journalIf you’re planning a trip to Mombasa, Kenya in the near future, you’re probably trying to decide what to bring. You’ll certainly need a couple of swimsuits as well as comfortable walking shoes. There are plenty of things to see and do throughout this great city, including spending time along the white sandy beaches, that when you return home pictures may not be enough to bring back those wonderful memories.

Pick up a small journal you can keep with you while traveling throughout the city. You could visit Fort Jesus, go to one of the incredible safaris, visit some wildlife sanctuaries, and even see a great deal of history through Old Town, Mombasa.

Why a journal is a great idea.

When you keep notes about the various things and experiences you have while taking a trip, you can look back at it years later and remember all of the minor details you could have forgotten along the way.

Today, modern digital cameras make it easy to capture a great deal of one’s experiences, however you also run the risk of missing out on many other things along the way. When you view Mombasa through a 2-inch screen on your digital camera, you’re not getting the full experience.

Grabbing a journal, sitting down and writing a few sentences in it every so often, taking the time to contemplate what you have seen, what’s most important to you, and even something unique will capture events and occurrences that you can’t capture in a picture.

It might not seem like a great idea at the time; it could actually feel as though it’s a waste of time. However, years later when you begin looking through your old photo albums or share your experiences with friends and loved ones, having that journal will become incredibly powerful as a way to conjure up memories you might have otherwise forgotten.