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Lost Passport: 3 Steps to Take Immediately if You’re in Mombasa

paperwork for travellingTraveling abroad requires a passport. From time to time, people have lost important papers, airline tickets, reservation confirmations, and even their passport. If you are vacationing in Mombasa and have lost your passport, take the following three steps right away. Don’t delay. If you delay, it can complicate the matter tremendously.

Step #1: Contact the local authorities.

Even though you may have lost them on your own and didn’t have them stolen, a police report may be necessary depending on your country of origin and your embassy’s requirements. It’s best to contact the local authorities and have a formal report filed with them.

Step #2: Contact your local embassy.

You may have to make an appointment to go to the embassy and speak to somebody about your lost passport. You may have to show them a police report (see Step #1) or provide them other documentation, including a driver’s license, airline ticket, or even a hotel reservation. If you’ve lost everything you have, don’t panic.

Step #3: Fill out the application.

There will be an application to gain a replacement passport. Emergency passports are not the same as the one you just lost because they only have limited validity, and not every country will accept them, so if you have other destinations on your agenda before returning home, check to see if they will accept an emergency passport for admittance into their country.

Losing a passport can certainly be a traumatic event, but as long as you remain calm and realize it can be replaced, you can still go on about your vacation in Mombasa and have the time of your life.