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Lotus Hotel Downtown Mombasa

Lotus HotelIf you have business in downtown Mombasa or just want to stay close to the cultural center of the heart of Mombasa, the Lotus Hotel is a great place to stay. It is a quick walk to the town center where you will find businesses, shops, banks, the town market, and mosques. It is also close to Old Town and Fort Jesus, two places one must visit during their stay in Mombasa.

There are also recreational activities close by including the Mombasa Golf Club and Myita tennis club. If you’re simply stopping through town on your way to the North or South coast, the Lotus is perfect for a quick visit. At the hotel, two ancient lotus flowers surround the terrace area and the hotel arches are the originals made from Indian timber – the building has been designated Kenyan historical architecture.

The décor is a mixture of modern and Oriental furnishings, which creates an air of relaxation. You have a choice of single, double, or triple rooms. All are air-conditioned and have private bathrooms. A conference hall is available for business meetings and seminars, which can easily seat 40 people to accommodate your needs.

There are plenty of restaurant choices in the area as well as a dining room and two bars at the hotel. The smaller bar is called the Kaka Bar and is decorated in wood panels and arches to create an intimate atmosphere. The larger bar is called the Karibu Bar. It opens to the courtyard and provides more of a party atmosphere. No matter your taste, our chef will accommodate it. The dining room is located just across the reception area and offers Western, Oriental, and traditional cuisine.

The front desk can arrange taxis if your destination is beyond walking distance and they will help arrange tours and excursions. They also receive Missionary groups, arrange interaction with local churches for fellowship and promote church backed projects.

Overall, the Lotus Hotel is an affordable place to stay when you’re in town. It is located on Cathedral Street in the Kizingo area of Mombasa, known for being the home to State House in Mombasa and a number of embassies; The Lotus Hotel is in one of the most secure areas of Mombasa Town.