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Is the Lotus Hotel in Mombasa Worth the Stay?

Fort Jesus in Mombasa, Kenya

Fort Jesus in Mombasa, Kenya

Planning a stay in Mombasa, Kenya means that you’re going to have to find a hotel that suits your budget and your needs. One common hotel that keeps coming up on many searches is the Lotus Hotel. There are some mixed reviews that come from previous guests and a lot of marketing by the company to try and encourage people to book their stay here.

The Lotus Hotel is located close to Fort Jesus, which is a main tourist attraction and somewhere that you should certainly visit if this is going to be your first trip to this city. It’s also close to the marketplace that highlights some of the best arts and crafts and other merchandise throughout the city.

The Proximity to the Beaches

One drawback is that the Lotus Hotel is not right next to the famous beaches in Mombasa so you would need to take a taxi ride to get there, but if you’re only planning on spending a day or two at the beach, this isn’t a major problem.


This brings us to the online reviews that you can find through your own search. There are a number of former guests who complained about the condition of the rooms, the lack of cleanliness, and poor customer service.

However, the majority of people who stay at the Lotus Hotel reported that they thoroughly enjoyed their stay, claimed that the staff were friendly and helpful, and that the amenities were ideal.

One consistent message about the Lotus Hotel in Mombasa was that it is ideal for business travelers. It can still be great for families, but as noted earlier, if you’re coming to Mombasa to enjoy the turquoise waters and white sandy beaches, you may want to stay closer to the shore. It’s not recommended to rent a car due to the confusion of the roads here, so taking a taxi back and forth to the beach can add up.

The Lotus Hotel is a pleasant stay for families and business travelers, so if you want a positive experience when you’re in Mombasa, consider this as one of your choices.