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The Makwetu Resort: Mombasa in Style

makwetu-resortIf you’re planning on staying in Mombasa –for a vacation with your family or business- then you should consider staying at the Makwetu Resort. Situated right along the gorgeous white sand beaches that have made this a popular tourist destination, the Makwetu Resort is one of Mombasa’s hotels and it offers some very reasonable rates as well.

The Advantages of the Makwetu Resort

One of the key advantages to staying at this resort is location. As most realtors around the world will tell you, the three most important aspects when it comes to properties and value are location, location, and location.

You can’t find too many places in Mombasa that offer a better location than this one. A few steps from the incredible white sand beaches and turquoise blue waters will have you feeling like you’ve escaped your old life for your entire visit here.

You will also find that the staff here are incredible friendly and willing to accommodate many requests that you may have.

The grounds are well maintained and they offer a luxurious pool where you and your children can relax after a long day of sightseeing or (believe it or not) swimming in the ocean.

The resort also offers a lot of self catering options for people who enjoy doing things for themselves. You can even hire your own personal cook to prepare certain meals for you. Extra charges will apply, of course.

Any disadvantages to the Makwetu Resort

The only major complaint that some guests have had with regard to this luxurious vacation resort would have to be, well … nothing. If you look at a wide range of reviews online for this Mombasa hotel, you will be hard pressed to find negative reviews.

It’s a wonderful place to spend your vacation or business trip. If you are planning to spend some time sightseeing in the heart of the city, Fort Jesus, or any of the wildlife sanctuaries nearby, you can get transportation right from the resort.