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Nightlife in Mombasa

Mamba DiscoIf you’re heading to Mombasa for vacation, a business trip, or just for some time away from home, you may be interested in getting out at night. Mombasa is known for its white sandy beaches, incredible history that includes Fort Jesus, and the amazing blend of cultures that makes this an attractive destination.

Nightlife in Mombasa is ripe for those looking to relax, to dance, party, or to just get a good bite to eat after dark. You don’t have to be subjected to sitting alone in your hotel room in Mombasa, or to spend the entire evening on the beach. If you want some excitement, consider checking out a few of the hot spots that make up nightlife in Mombasa.

Just Drinks

This pub is in the heart of Mombasa and has a warm atmosphere. When you head here, you’ll feel as though you’re more than welcome and on top of that, you’ll get some of the best brews around.

Pixies Lounge Bar

This is one of the newer nightspots in Mombasa and offers clients a broad range of options and some fun events throughout the week. The clientele who head here tend to be tourists for the most part, so you’ll likely find a variety of interesting individuals to mingle with.

Forty Pub

If you’re interested in a local pub that caters to the African culture and locals as well as tourists, you shouldn’t miss this stop on your trip. While safety is a concern for tourists, this place is one that you can feel comfortable and relaxed in.

Florida Nightclub & Casino

For a slight change of pace, check out this hot spot in Mombasa’s Red District. Here you can get down and dance with the hottest DJs or try your luck at the craps tables.