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Packing for the Weather in Mombasa (and the Trip Home)

know what to packTraveling during the winter can pose some interesting challenges. If you live in a cold climate and are heading to Mombasa for a vacation or business trip, knowing exactly what to pack (and how much) is important.

One mistake far too many vacationers make when it comes to this time of year is that they end up packing for their weather, rather than the weather at their destination. For example, a person from England or Canada will have a tendency to pack sweaters, long pants, and even a coat.

This is not necessary when you’re heading to Mombasa. In fact, the temperature here is warm all year round. You’ll need at least two swimsuits, shorts, sandals, comfortable walking shoes, and some nice tee-shirts. You may want to pack one nice suit or dress for a wonderful evening out to dinner with a spouse, significant other, or just if you’re interesting in heading to the local clubs in Mombasa, which can be legendary.

What about traveling out and the return home?

Make sure you wear warm clothes when you head to the airport on your way to Mombasa. Whatever you need in order to be warm is fine, but try and avoid dressing as though you’re going to be spending a significant amount of time out in the cold; you won’t be.

You’ll most likely move from the car into the airport terminal and then the next time you go outside you’ll be in the lovely climate of Mombasa.

What you wear to the airport can be the same clothes you wear when you head home. This way you’ll be assured of being warm and comfortable when you leave the airport. If you’re having someone pick you up from the airport, you might want to ask them to bring an extra blanket or coat, especially if you are planning on spending two weeks or more in this tropical city; you’ll become acclimated to the amazing weather!