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With All those Pictures You’re Going to Take on Your Mombasa Vacation, It’s a Good Idea to Back Everything Up

with all the pictures you take back them upToday, most people carry around digital cameras. The days of film loaded cameras are pretty much well behind us, though there are a number of disposable cameras that still rely on traditional film. You can also still find plenty of places that will develop your film, but if you are one of the majority who prefer digital cameras for their size and convenience, spending your time in Mombasa will likely lead to hundreds upon hundreds of pictures.

The more pictures you take, the more devastating it could potentially be if you lose those pictures due to damage to the camera, misplacing it, having it stolen, or having a technical issue with the device itself.

When you travel to Mombasa for vacation, you’re going to see an incredible number of sites and beautiful views. The wildlife sanctuaries could take up hundreds of pictures and even dozens of videos just in one afternoon.

Back everything up daily.

Even if you plan on using a different SD card for every single day, if you have a laptop or other computer device with you on your vacation, download all of the pictures and videos you have taken on that card to your computer every single day.

This is backing up your important pictures and videos. Even though you might not take them off the SD card, it’s a good idea to back them up because anything could happen to cause damage to the card itself or the camera.

For example, you could be walking down the streets of Old Town, Mombasa, grab your camera to take a picture of something all of a sudden, and have it slip from your grasp. The camera could crash to the concrete sidewalk, breaking it. While the card may still be intact, as you try to turn the camera on and only get certain messages, you could be hitting a series of buttons that may inadvertently reformat the card itself, thus causing you to lose all of the previous pictures you had on it.

There are dozens of things that can go wrong when it comes to a digital camera while you’re on vacation. As long as you know you’ve had all of those pictures backed up on a regular basis, you’ll know your valuable mementos are safe for your return trip home.