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Plan Your Mombasa Scuba Adventure Properly

Scuba Mombasa KenyaPlanning your Mombasa vacation could mean including a wonderful scuba adventure while you are there. Scuba diving is one of the more popular water activities in tropical climates. When you can see the aquatic life up close and personal, and dive down into the depths, you will experience things that you may have only seen on TV shows or videos.

Planning your scuba trip should begin before you head out on your vacation. Here are a few things to consider so that you can make the most of your stay in Mombasa.

Be certified.

If you do not have a scuba certification yet, it is essential that you become certified before you can go diving. This is an international rule and is recognized all across the world. Without proper certification, you will not be able to rent equipment from a legitimate scuba dive shop, and you will miss out on an incredible opportunity.

You can always obtain certification when you are here, but courses generally take anywhere between 6 to 10 hours to complete and it could take you the majority of your vacation time to do so. It is best to find a local scuba certification course and obtain your card before leaving for your trip.

Find out where the scuba dive shops are.

When you arrive in Mombasa, you are going to need to rent at least the scuba tank. No airlines will allow compressed air tanks to be checked or brought onto planes. If you are only planning on diving one or two days on your visit, it may be more practical to rent some of the bulkier equipment, including the BC vest and fins.

Determine the best places to dive.

There are many wonderful experiences to be had while diving in Mombasa. Your interests may be particular so it is a good idea to research and find the ideal diving places for you. You may want to consider a charter boat to take you to the prime destinations.

Always have a dive partner.

If you are traveling to Mombasa alone, you will need a dive partner. You can generally find group dive charters that will pair you up with somebody else. Be honest about your experience level in diving so that they can match you with somebody comparable to your level so that you both can enjoy your dives as much as possible.