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Room Service: Tips to Making Your Mombasa Vacation Even Better

dollar-signTaking a holiday to Mombasa can be a trip of a lifetime for many people. Enjoying the long, white sandy beaches in this tropical destination, the clear, turquoise water and all of the colorful sea life that it has to offer, and even the history and culture make Mombasa a prime destination for vacationers as well as business travelers.

Getting the most out of your vacation means taking advantage of all that your destination city has to offer. Too often, people rely on room service at their hotel for their breakfast, lunch, and even their dinners.

Get out and enjoy the unique flavor of the city.

Before you order room service, consider that throughout Mombasa there are some amazing eateries where you can find local cuisine as well as flavors that you may be more familiar with. There is no reason to order room service unless you are sick or unable to go out for some reason.

Room service can be exceedingly expensive.

Most hotels and room service charges on to the final bill when you checkout. You may not be paying much attention to how much that steak or breakfast cost you, and when you’re checking out at the end of your visit, you can put a damper on the entire trip.

By of waiting room service, it will be easier for you to keep track of how much you spend on food throughout your trip.

Your hotel in Mombasa so should be just the place to sleep and change.

When you vacation in Mombasa, there are so many things to see and experience here that the only time you should be in your hotel is to sleep, change out of or into your swimsuit, or relax for a few minutes before heading out to dinner.

Defaulting to relying on room service can cause you to miss out on so many of the wonderful experiences that this incredible Kenyan city has to offer.