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Safe Travels throughout Mombasa, Kenya


safety-firstWhenever you’re traveling to a foreign country you want to remain safe. Traveling to Mombasa, Kenya can be the vacation of a lifetime. This tropical paradise is ripe with white sandy beaches, incredibly clear waters of the Indian Ocean, and an abundance of history and animals through a variety of safaris.

While it is a tropical paradise, it’s also important to remain diligent for your own safety. Just as you might focus on safety when traveling to a city in your own home country, some simple, common sense practices can help you, your family, and anybody else are traveling with remain safe.

Never travel alone.

If you are walking down the beach by yourself, make sure somebody knows where you’re going to be and when you’re expected to return. If you’re planning on going into Old Town, make sure you go with somebody else. When traveling in the evening, never, ever travel alone.

Avoid bringing a lot of cash with you.

Using debit cards may be practical, but the best option is to use travelers checks and only carry a small amount with you at any given time. The moment somebody begins flashing around a great deal of cash, they attract the wrong kind of attention to themselves.

Always let people know where you plan to be.

When you’re back at the hotel, even if you’re planning on going down to the pool for a while, let other people in your group know. Also let them know if you change your plans and are going somewhere else. In the day and age of cell phones, there’s really no excuse to not send a quick text message or grab the hotel phone to call your room to let them know you’re going somewhere else.

These simple tips can help keep you and everyone else in your family safe on your next vacation the Mombasa or anywhere else.